How do life coaches start making money?

Start your own coach training school, train and certify people to become coaches Coaching other coaches is without a doubt the most lucrative way to earn money as a coach. You can include it as part of your training or offer it as a standalone program. Some coaches make money by offering a paid membership in a Facebook group or on an online platform. The cost is usually quite low per month and members can make weekly calls, ask questions, and get support as needed.

Paid memberships are a good option for life coaches when they have a constant follow-up of people who are willing to pay a monthly or annual subscription to receive information and knowledge on a specific topic of life coaching. The salary of the life coach varies depending on several factors, but they work in a similar way to independent consultants. Most life coaches work on an hourly rate or in an organization while offering a variety of services. Why? Because many of your customers are sponsored.

What that means is that the client doesn't pay for the training out of his own pocket; his company pays the training bill. When employers support training as a professional development benefit, the fees a coach can charge increase. What this also means is that the expected results of the coaching commitment can also be more rigorous. Okay, let me edit that a little bit: IT MAY BE a business, but it needs some other things combined with it to be a business that really makes money (because a business that doesn't make money is a hobby, and I've seen a lot of life coaching fans in my day).

Follow this step-by-step guide to discover how to become a nutrition coach and make money training online. Giving away free content is an effective way to promote your coaching business and grow your audience base. The subscription charge is ideal for life coaches who are dedicated to generating regular content. I thought that the elephant in the room is that training is basically a therapy provided by a COMPLETELY unqualified person.

If you want coaching to work as a business, you need to bring all your other knowledge, experience and skills, and use ESO to drive your business forward. Today, I'll talk about some of the most creative ways you can expand your business and generate passive income as a life coach. While some life coaches rely on networking groups, others find them unhelpful in finding clients. If you're willing to take some risks, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending may be one of the best sources of passive income for life coaches.

I have also surveyed real coaches in different fields for real income figures, because I believe in verifying my data. You're right, those “killing” are those coaches instead of being coaches themselves. Life coaches spend most of their time helping people transform their lives, but by doing so, they can often stop reaping their fair rewards.