Is paying for a coach worth it?

While you can work on your own to achieve your goals, there are several reasons why it's worth paying for a coach. It challenges your assumptions; it helps to find truth and meaning. A trained coach will work with you to be clear about what compliance would be for you. In the big picture, fulfillment is about living a life that is valued, resolved and alive, and balance is about choosing a life that is in action, aligned with a compelling vision.

People who do coaching, in general, are very empathetic people. That's one of the main reasons they get into this. But that caregiver mentality can make it very personal, so you have to be careful. There is a fine line between coach and friend.

You don't want to be both. It's worth it if you completely submit and purposefully do everything your coach wants you to do. However, hiring a coach would cause you exuberant amounts, but believe me, it's worth it to improve yourself or your business. Frankly, expecting your training school to also teach you how to be an amazing entrepreneur is like expecting your favorite college biology teacher to also teach you how to be an amazing psychiatrist.) There's Marie-Claire, who tells me that just two weeks with a coach saw her build the confidence to quit her demanding job and find a new one.

I was honestly half-expecting my social media call to deserve an avalanche of scam stories, but it turns out that finding a good coach can be really transformative. Or you've heard the many true stories of coaches who just give up after desperately trying to get one or two paying clients. I really loved the work I did, but people who want to be life coaches will probably come to it with the same desperation that I did, which is not good for anyone. Your coach helps you identify what stage you are in when it comes to making an intentional change in your life.

I'm very happy that they were honest with me in retrospect, but I felt almost defensive at the time, as if they were accusing me of expressing all those fears around life coaching scams. And she said, “I just talk to them about the power of coaching and how it can change their lives and bring abundance. But we, as coaches, can't help it, so in our openness and commitment to helping people, everything we focus on*is* selling life coaching. While there can be several factors that drive successful people to training, there are also good reasons why certain people should not hire a coach.

After doing more research and talking to her, I thought that life coaching used my natural skills like good communication, albeit in different ways. Most workouts are sold in multi-session packages, for example, one month of training or three months of training, which you can then renew. Coaching helps you free yourself from these habits by showing you new perspectives, pointing out your blind spots and generating great moments of ah-ha. As a California licensed lawyer who has had to train people in, around and through legal issues, I have found that the roles of coach and “legal counsel” or legal counsel often overlap.