How Much Money Can You Make as a Life Coach?

As an expert in the life coaching industry, you'll help clients discover what their personal “best” is and suggest steps that will lead them in that direction. You can help them define goals for themselves, identify obstacles along the way, and create strategies to overcome them. As a life coach, you have the power to help people ask the right questions, make life-changing decisions, and ultimately change the path of their lives. If all of this sounds exciting to you, you may be ready to start the process of becoming a life coach.

Executive coaching is the highest paying niche because the target client group of executive coaches is usually high-level directors, company officials, and high-level executives. It's no wonder that experience plays a huge role in determining a life coach's salary and I'm going to go into more factors that influence a life coach's salary in just a moment. As you can see, the salary range of a life coach is quite large; it comes down to a number of variable factors, which I will discuss shortly in the next section. The pillars of your life coach career should be carefully considered in estimating your earning potential.

This model gives you the freedom to experiment with coaching styles and choose your clients, working hours and price. However, the disadvantage of this model is the limitations that allow you to scale your income and experience, since your income directly depends on the number of hours you work. A membership site is a website where members have access to training material, research, tools, and a community for a periodic fee. During the certification course, some things that all prospective coaches learn are the psychological principles and ethics of training, communication skills, and how to conduct a training assessment to determine client needs.

After completing your training, you will be required to register an additional training hours to complete your corresponding accreditation; these can range from 60 to 75 hours of training practice. Finding the right program depends on your life coach's niche, target market, budget and time available to invest, but the benefits are worth it, with invaluable additions to your life, even in addition to accreditation, as a community that will support you in the long term. Many people enter the field of life coaching with previous experience in fields such as healthcare, teaching, human resources, and counseling. It also helps to gain access to workshops, lectures, relevant conferences and a network and community.

How effectively you promote yourself and how effectively you can close sales will have a big impact on how much you can earn, both as an independent coach and on the salary you can demand. However, location may be important for deciding competitive rates. For example, if you are training offline or you target people only from a certain geography, your location definitely matters. Delivering results is an important factor in determining your salary as a life coach; can you help guide your clients to achieve their goals? Do they notice a drastic difference in the aspect of their life in which you are training them? Some life coaches have a natural gift for it while others come with life experience and training.

As with any other business, the more effort and creativity you put into your business in different ways, the greater the chances of it flourishing and the greater your earning potential. This will not only keep things interesting for you as a life coach but it will also be more lucrative as offers such as electronics and workshops will complement your income.